People like that are sick, and I’m pretty sure the only reason she even did the interview is because people were begging to know if she was okay and what happened. In the few excerpts from it, it makes it sound like she was scared to bother anyone about it, her selflessness and worrying about others first almost made her put her own life at risk because of haters like those idiots. She sacrifices so much daily and never asks for anything in return, and yet others demean, use, and harass her.

this question is very old and i’m sorry i‘m answering but now but i’m really mad about “our fandom”. the dress selena wore at the met gala was her favorite, she was so proud and happy so she told us she’s gonna post on HER instagram about it. guess what? it never happened because all she gets for her look are words like „grandma”, “ugly”, “pregnant”, “oily” and so on. you’re all so superficially and silly it’s unbelievable. it doesn’t depend on what someone is wearing, it’s her/his choice don’t judge them for it and think about others gosh. and above all, seriously, she looked like a goddess